Instant fame and glory! ......and an Ultimate Wave Poster, a set of 10 surfing postcards, and a prized sticker if your photo is published

Do you have a classic surfing shot of your mate or does he have one of you? If you're handy on the computer, here's what you do - email it low res. to - don't forget to include your name and address, where and when pic was taken, name of surfer etc.

Here's the best so far:

This is a west oz reef break Called Yallinup on a recent trip in April.
From Tom Martin (Swansea)

A wave in South Wales goin off, taken on the 6th October. a few of us were out for a few hours gettin some fun rides with mean drops. thought you might be interested!!
jeff from swansea

From Mike Kew: This is my friend Chris Noble, a young Scot, surfing in front of his
house last autumn. Not bad.

Well done on an informative site. I enclose a photo that I took of Tom Eagle surfing a reef on the gower.

Yours sincerely, Andrew Walford

Hiya Phil,I hope you are well. Your web site is looking really good now. I check out the Langland web cam daily. I was browsing through it and came across the readers shots, and I thought you might like to have this one from France before the oil pollution got too bad.

Catch you laters, all the best,

Nick Lavery

Hi, attached is a photo of Alun Morris Jones at Gennith last November, I took it with one of those disposable water proof cameras and it came out better than I expected. Hope you like it enough to put it up on your excellent site, it’s the only time I've gone out with a camera and it turned out to be a classic day, super clean spaced out sets, no crowds, more waves than you can shake yer stick at, tasty banana etc etc ;-)

All the best.

Alastair Yool