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JON BAKS e-mailed us to ask: - Phil, I've seen three early 70s ? boards ,a Dave Friar,a Roger Cooper, and Island Creations, all are in really nice condition and going cheap,do you reckon there worth anything,or know anybody that may be interested in them?

It's a good question. The only boards that I've heard that are fetching any decent money are early Gerry Lopez Lighting Bolts - limited edition of 500 and are worth look out for those!


Nicolas from France has e-mailed us to ask....

I am a French student in engineering, and I'll need to speak english for my job, but I want to travel too. I practice surfing (longboard), and I thought to do a surftrip in English country to learn your language. But I haven't much money, and I search some advice to organize this journey (chip journey!) without spending all my parent's pounds!!! Thank you very much, I'm waiting for your answer.

Nicolas Méline

Hi Nicolas,

At this time of year your best bet is to head to the extreme south west or north west of the U.K. In particular, Sennen Cove for beach breaks - The Whitesand Lodge on this page cater for backpackers. Check out this section where you will find more than 40 U.K. breaks to choose from. For more out of surf Action there's always Newquay - See Fistral beach page - the Boarding House on this page also cater for travelling surfers at reasonable rates. You could also travel to the Gower Peninsula in Wales - check out Llangennith beach on the wave search - there is surfers accommodation listed here. Freshwater West is also a good bet with quality waves. Let us know how you get on and keep reading

Phil Holden, Editor

Vikki Climo would like some advice on travelling with a surfboard.......I'm really new at travelling with a surfboard, I've only just bought my first board on Monday and I'm flying off to Portugal on Saturday. Any tips on packing my board or is it ok just in the friends and I would be grateful for any tips at all please.

Removable fins are best or pack fins with shoeboxes and tape. Use padded bubblepack around nose and tail before placing in board bag Mark bag with the words "TOP LOAD" and "HANDLE WITH CARE". Check board for damage BEFORE leaving airport as claims are not accepted subsequently. Have a great trip!

Jamie Flynn asks:-

I have just started and I wanted to know how long it will take to be ripping waves when I go like every other day?

In answer to your question, I would allow at least a year to master the basics and be ripping. This is assuming that you can continue to surf regularly and push yourself a little more each day. If I remember rightly, Carwyn Williams -pro surfer extraordinaire - only started surfing consistenly at 15 and by 16 was winning contests. Whether you want to win contests or just surf well surfing is a sport that even after 20 years there is much to learn and many ways to improve. Riding a wave like you've never ridden before and meeting the challenge of each new wave is it's own reward. In this sense, it is more than a sport. Surfing 3 or 4 times a week will certainly keep you fit and the right equipment and the right choice of waves you train on will make a big difference too but in the end, it's your attitude and how much you want to succeed that will dictate how far you go. Ed.

Hi Guys, great website. Is it possible for you to tell me some good spots to surf and bodyboard at in South Wales? I'm going to Monmouth at the begining of August and as I live in Bristol I thought I'd find out where the good breaks are (I usually go to Croyde). Hope you can help me James Hester

James, your best bet is Llantwit Major which works on a NW at low tide ;a right hander on a boulder point break that can be a bit of a paddle if the tides are big.Porthcawl catches more swell ;check out Features - Wales Page.Also check out our Where to Surf pages in the Wave Search Section of surfsup for breaks in South and West Wales including Broadhaven - a wedgy peak at high tide.

Happy surfing! Ed.

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These thoughts on Australia from Dean and Kate on their worldwide travels might make you wonder what's out there.

Just about all the wildlife out there wants to either eat, kill, sting, bite or mate with you. I don't mind spiders as they are supposed to kill all the other bugs. Great in theory until one of the hairy buggers the size of your hand takes up residence over your pillow. Great wisdom had been passed onto us by bricklaying colleagues regarding this, "if it moves, hit it with a shovel". Shovelless, Kate and I developed a tag-team tactic - she leaves the room and I prance around with a rolled up magazine (usually nude). Unfortunately, the big blighters are indestructable. You hit a British spider with a roll-up and it disintergrates. Do the same to an Ozzie spider and it just legs it. Having also spent the whole trip assuring Kate that the snakes here are nothing to worry about (her only real phobia), we ran into a six foot King Brown snake whilst leaving Boulders beach. Trust me, all the macho', testosterone bravado disappears in a brown cloud when you meet one face to face. I did manage to film it though. From a distance. Despite all this, we did score some excellent waves - there are scores of right-hand point breaks along this stretch of coast (Bryon Bay) and although it can get big, it produced mostly 3-4 foot waves, usually around head height, during our stay. Be warned though - even without the other surfers, it's a bloody zoo over there.

Ed. Yeah, yeah Deano, you'll say anything to keep us away from those waves.

We'll send you and Kate a Billabong T shirt for your efforts. For Deano's tips on how to deal with sharks, click here


Wayne Rudman from Australia sent us this story about "boot rage".......... and wins an Ultimate Wave poster. Readers should not try this at home!

Back in the early eighties when I would drive anywhere & surf anything, I travelled from Oxford to Croyde for a quick session in February!!!!!! On arrival (without checking wind & surf conditions prior to departure) it was two to three foot raging onshore, freeeezing cold, just horrible, but I had to go in. With my girlfriend (now my wife typing this message for me!!!) safely tucked up in the car (would not get out!!!!!!) I could not paddle out the back & abandoned my quest after half an hour. Back to the car where the fun begins, I was that cold I could hardly speak properly, girlfriend refusing to wind down the window because of the cold. I attempted to take off my suit & got to problems with my wetsuit boots I flew into a rage demanding my stanley knife be brought to me from my toolbox in the car, where I promptly proceeded to cut my boots off!!! A silly little story which is very true & contributed to us moving to Australia where I do not need wetsuit boots!!!!! Nice website.

Cheers Wayne, it's nice to see the mag is far reaching. I shall keep my Stanley Knife handy!.

Any more reader's tales/ surfing adventures - just e-mail

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for a good read and the good work you are doing. I too am an ex-member of British surfing, now currently in Tennessee and trying to relieve my surfing tension through the not nearly as comparable, but nevertheless enjoyable, mediums of snowboarding and wakeboarding. I was put in to touch with this page through a good friend and ex-housemate who now contributes to your mag, Ed Woolner, so I just wanted to give him my congrats for his articles and say hello to the rest of the guys freezing their nuts off in the chilly waters around Swansea. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the year, keep up the good work and my surfing frustration is just kept in line by my thoughts of California, Mexico and Costa Rica this summer. ( Don't mean to make you jealous) Charlie Briffitt

Glad to know we're appreciated Charlie.

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Regarding the waveski shots on the cam page last week, it's forward thinking of your page to include ALL forms of surfing and surfing. Excellent stuff! I'll send some of the comments I have had about your site from people around the world.Jem Howells


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