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On the other side of the world, Australia's East coast with its pure white beaches trees to the water's edge and turquoise oceans, are some of the best in the world. Surfsup-mag captured the action from top surfers Spencer Hargreaves, Alan Stokes and Mark Egor Harris at the Quiksilver Training Camp . The return trip is already long overdue ..........................


Tallows, Bryon Bay

Pristine points and perfectly shallow sand bars adorne the East Coast. Bryon Bay also comes with a headland that protects a series of rights on the town side and lefts to the south.

The surfer's ultimate transport - try an "aboriginal digeridoo" painted van to get right into the culture and spirit of this great and vast country.

A laid back area until the cyclone swells arrive when these point breaks excel with the majority that live to surf here. Eco lifestyles combine with tourism at this most exotic easterly point of Australia. The ambience is very cosmopolitan and between surfs you can enjoy everything from Sushi Cuisine to seafood bonanzas.The marine and wild life around here is sub tropical. Whales crossing in Oct/ Nov.

The waves are faster and so too the surfing

Mark Harris

Spencer Hargraves




Alan Stokes on air at Ballina

The beaches around Lennox Head are the most consistent around the early part of the year and have become a favourite location of the Quiksilver Training Camp.

Zane Harrison at the Leave Your Ego behind Contest at Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast - See News-Contests Outside U.K.


Up the road from Ballina , a local surfer in mid tailslide at Lennox Head

Talented local Nick Bawalda aged 11 from Mooloolaba High School at Kawana beach, Sunshine Coast.


Elko at home on the Sunshine Coast in a multi-disciplined charity event.


Nusa Dua


Nyong Nyong on the same day

Water Features like you have never seen before!

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