IRELAND-timeless sessions on the emerald isle


EASKY (co. Sligo)

Light swell brushed the coast with left and right reefs glittering in the morning sun. We strove for possession of an early wave but the dawn patrol had beaten us to it. Seven or more souls were putting everything into their first hour as only someone faced with a day of work knows how.Local surfer Kane Kilcullen (opposite) was the obvious standout.

The swell continued to pump all day so and with the tide moving quickly it wasn't long before we found a break down the coast to ourselves.

The N.W Atlantic catches more swell than anywhere else I have surfed in Europe.The setups are superb and hospitality unmatched.This, the frequent downpours of Guinness and uncrowded waves go together to make this a favourite


Co Mayo

Co Mayo


There are so many breaks to explore in Ireland .Bundoran situated in the nook of Donegal Bay has one of the best contest venues in Europe with consistent waves and the facilities to match. This was the Venue for the 2001 ASP Masters.

On the West coast, Crab Island near Doolin catches even the smallest swells. Although more exposed to the prevailing sou' westerlies the better weather and stunning scenery in the South may be the deciding factor and at the end of the road there is always Dingles' pot of gold - Slea Head. Wherever you go the hospitality and friendliness is unconstrained and only matched by the enthusiasm of the local surfers.

Co Mayo

Kane Kilcullen


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