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An interesting and creative collaboration is underway between a surfboard manufacturer in Cornwall and a school in Banbury,Oxfordshire. Frank Wise Special School caters for children with learning disabilities between the ages of 2 and 16 years.They contacted board firms when one of the classes decided that they would like to make a board as a Design and technology project. Seabase, based in Newquay, answered their call and donated a foam board for the pupils to shape and paint.They also offered to finish the board so that the land-locked children can try it in the future. The board arrived at the school in September, to much excitement, and the class of 9 pupils set about sanding it down. Sandpaper soon gave way to an electric sander as the children got stuck into the project.. The 11-12 year olds created their own design using a combination of paints and photographs beforeit was returned to Cornwall.The board is currently being completed by expert crafters at Seabase, with the Frank Wise pupils eagerly anticipating the return of their unique and fascinating surfboard. Joe and all of the 6th Family Group would like to thank Barbera Steward, Pani Bundy and all of the staff at Seabase for their help and support in making the project so real and exciting.


A good suit is essential for surfing as it will keep you warm -you will be able to stay in the water a lot longer. It's best to try this on before buying.It should fit snugly but should still feel flexible. Surf boots are not a necessity in the summer but make sure there are no submerged rocks to tread on. The best beaches for learning on the Gower are Llangenith and Caswell.

Sculpture by the Sea Art Workshops for School Children

Artists , Sara Holden and Tina Marie Cunningham, Am Marsden are running beach based three D sculpture workshops on Swansea Beach which are both fun and educational for the coming summer term. Booking forms are available upon request by e-mailing Recommend it to your teacher as a great school trip.

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There are many good British Surf Association recommended surf schools operating at beaches around England and Wales. Click here to see the ones we recommend.

"Yes, for those of you out there wanting to surf, I highly recommend having surf lessons with a registered school. What I now teach in one day at a surf school took me nearly a year to accomplish on my own....... I always regret not having had lessons, but schools weren't as abundant as they are now. Through the lessons you also get to learn about beach safety, very important. Remember never to surf on your own, not only from a safety point but it's also much more fun surfing with friends!"Words of wisdom from Nan Beason Ex - British Ladies Longboarding Champion

For Educational visits - e.g. Seashore Studies, or School Camping trips at Carreglwyd Camping and Leisure Site, Port Eynon click here . The site is right at the beach which has good surf, but remember to always have adult supervision and respect for the ocean.

Surfers Against Sewage are tireless in their campaign to clean up the U.K's beaches and seas, to make them pollution free for children, adults and marine-life to enjoy. To visit the Surfers Against Sewage website click here.