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Outer Reef Surf School

Freshwater West. Tel/fax: 01646 680070

BSA Qualified instructors with beach lifeguarding experience

    Outer Reef Surf School (Sponsored by O'Neill, Reef, Billabong and Tiki ) has a number of beaches to choose from, within the Pembrokeshire National Park and all receive consistent surf. For more information click on Freshwater West

"Yes, for those of you out there wanting to surf, I highly recommend having surf lessons with a registered school.What I now teach in one day at a surf school took me nearly a year to accomplish on my own....... I always regret not having had lessons, but schools weren't as abundant as they are now. Through the lessons you also get to learn about beach safety, very important. Remember never to surf on your own, not only from a safety point but it's also much more fun surfing with friends!"

Words of wisdom from Nan Beason Current British Ladies Longboarding Champion.

A helping hand from Dean at Outer Reef Surf School

Outer Reef Surf School

DOLPHINS TAKE TO THE WAVES Photos And Words by Phil Holden

Watching the Outer Reef Surf School in action at Freshwater West brought back all the memories of learning to surf there myself more than 30 years ago. The group for the day were The Dolphins, from Tenby Swimming Club and with every wave, they were getting better.The rewards were written with smiles across their faces. They were experiencing that wonderful feeling of anticipation as the wave approaches and the exhileration as they accelerated to the shore.

Dean Gough, who runs Outer Reef with his wife Emma, started with a beachside introductory talk on water safety, catching waves and controlling the board. The Tiki boards used by Outer Reef are lightweight with a soft foam deck and are large enough to enable the more adventurous to be standing up on their first session. Equipped with these and their full wetsuits, The Dolphins were quick to hit the water and make the most of their lesson. Waves on the expansive golden sands of Freshwater are the most consistent in Wales and makes this the ideal spot for summer surfing. When the surf is too big for Freshwater West, then beaches such as nearby Manorbier and Tenby South Beach are more sheltered and Outer Reef will collect and deliver you to the right beach for the best surf conditions that day. Dean is not only well qualified in surf teaching and lifesaving but probably knows these waters better than anyone else in the vicinity. He has surfed the giant waves of Maderia and has rated well in a number of surf competitions. This and his friendly nature has given him a reputation that extends well beyond Pembrokeshire. His enthusiasm for surfing extends to his teaching and guarantees him a captive audience.

Surfing has to be one of the most concentrated sports-both in terms of excitement and physical exertion and Dean's group, a mixture of girls and boys aged between 8 and 14, rose to the challenge and the majority got to their feet on the board which was very impressive as most of them had never had a surf lesson before. Dean and his assistant for the day Luke Cromwell then escorted the group back to the shore for a "debriefing" and warm drinks at Snakatak. There were exclamations of "brilliant", "amazing" and "really good fun" as the group shared their exciting experiences and discussed their achievements for the day.

If you would like to learn to surf, contact Outer Reef on 01646-680070,

visit or pick up a brochure from your local surf shop.


Dean Pellington(left)and Joann Randalls (Right) training with Outer Reef.



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